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We have been building custom homes since 1993. Whether it is from your plans or ours, we have the knowledge and experience to turn your dreams to reality. We have built in communities from Orange Beach to Mobile from our base in Fairhope, Alabama. Our homes are all built with an eye for the details, and a commitment to energy efficiency and comfort. But above all, our homes are affordable. We are committed to the Green Building concepts of energy efficiency and kindness to our environment.

Being a small, customer oriented builder, Brian and James are there at every step of the building process. We do not take on more work than we can see to ourselves. In many instances we are hands-on especially during the critical building layout and foundation work, and the finish carpentry and final detailing. We often perform our own final grading and landscaping. In other words we love the process and the work involved in building your home and we get our hands dirty in the process.

James Edgerly has designed numerous homes for clients since 1993 and Brian Edgerly brings CAD Design capabilities to the table. With these capabilities we are able to take your ideas and transform them into digital images which can be reviewed and refined via computer. So if you live in San Antonio and are building in Fairhope, we can accommodate your design needs.

At Cutting Edge Construction we combine our building expertise with our design capabilities. As an incentive to our clients, we are now offering Free Design Services with a signed contract to build.

If you want the control to directly review, approve and pay the suppliers and subcontractors, we can accommodate you with a Construction Management Contract. In addition to the excellent suppliers and subcontractors we work with on a continuing basis, we can take bids from numerous others for your review and approval. This type of contract arrangement gives many of our clients the level of control with which they feel comfortable. We are flexible on the structure of the contract. It could be Cost Plus, Fixed Fee or a combination of the two.

If you need a kitchen or bath make-over, or want to add a screened porch or outside kitchen we’re your source. No job is too large or too small. Since beginning our home building business in 1993 we have also been meeting our clients remodeling and expansion needs.

With energy prices spiraling out of control, our clients are becoming more and more concerned with the energy efficiency of their homes and offices. In 2009 we were certified as Building Analysts by the Building Performance Institute. When you couple that with our Green Building expertise, you have the perfect combination for a home performance contractor. Not only can we analyze what you need to make your home or office more comfortable and energy efficient, but we can implement the changes and enhancements to meet your needs and budget.

As a Home Performance Contractor, Cutting Edge Construction offers Energy Auditor Services and the retrofits that can result in Energy Savings and increased Comfort Levels for your home or office. Our Energy Audit will prioritize the energy efficiency retrofits and enhancements that are needed. We have no specific products for sale, so you can be assured that our recommendations are based on what is actually needed. With our free estimate you will be able to see how to most effectively utilize your budget.

When we perform an Energy Audit, we evaluate your house as a system. We look at the envelope of the structure for air infiltration levels and insulation effectiveness. We evaluate the mechanical heating and air conditioning systems, and we look at your lighting and appliances. If you have gas systems we also evaluate their safety. We pay close attention to the ventilation of the house and its effect on the inside air quality. You need to constantly be changing out your indoor air, but in an energy effective manner.

Our blower door testing will tell us how tight the envelope (walls, floors, ceilings) is in relation to the outside. This is vital information for developing a cost efficient plan for energy and comfort retrofits for any building. You can have the most energy efficient windows, doors and insulation, but if the envelope does not seal out the outside air your home could still be inefficient and uncomfortable. And in our hot and humid climate it could also be suffering from moisture intrusion.

Our duct pressure testing (duct blaster) will evaluate the effectiveness of your Air Conditioner’s ductwork. Leaking ductwork especially in a 140 degree attic can be a drain on your wallet as well as making your home uncomfortable.

Using infrared technology we can detect weaknesses in the insulation of your home’s envelope as well as hidden moisture. Combined with the blower door and duct blaster we can detect leakage and design defects in your home. Do you have rooms that are uncomfortable or have mold and mildew? It could be that these rooms are not properly air sealed from the attic or crawl space.

Spend your money wisely by utilizing our Energy Auditor Service. We will provide a list of prioritized retrofits and enhancements and a free estimate for implementation. If you use us for the prioritized retrofits, we will credit the cost of the Energy Audit and we will perform a post retrofit audit at no charge.

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